Titanium Heat Exchangers

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    Titanium Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are suited for a vast range of chemical environments and conditions, due to a thin, invisible, but extremely protective, surface oxide film (primarily TiO2). Titanium is especially known for its elevated resistance to localized attack and stress corrosion in aqueous chlorides (e.g., brines, seawater) and other halides and wet halogens (e.g., wet Cl2 or Cl2- sat, brines), and to hot, highly-oxidizing, acidic solutions (e.g., FeCl3 and nitric acid solutions). Titanium is also recognized for its superior resistance to erosion, erosion-corrosion, cavitations, and impingement in flowing, turbulent fluids.

    Temasme Titanium Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger is fully constructed with pressurized shell and spiral corrugated or smooth inner tube. This ensures high velocities inside the unit making titanium shell and tube heat exchanger a very reliable, efficient and cost effective way on the heating, cooling, condensing or evaporation and so on 


    With high heat transferring efficient heat exchanger tubes and smooth shell, it ensures high velocities inside of the unit making the heat exchanger a very reliable, efficient and cost effective way to transfer heat indirectly between hot circuit and cold circuit.

    Temasme Titanium Shell and Tube Heat exchangers are fully welded construction. It can endure high working pressure. It avoids the replacement for gasket and saved more time and cost on maintain or clean.

    1. High efficiency,coefficient up to 10000 W/m2•°C,Heat exchanging capacity 3-7 times traditional equipments.

    2. Compact configure, occupy small area, one tenth as the traditional equipments

    3. Titanium material, endure high temperature, pressure and corruption. 

    4. Helix screw thread elasticity heat exchange bundle, eliminate the stress

    5. Design flux speed is 5.5m/s, less dirt.

    6. ASME standard VIII-1

    7. Easy clean and maintain

    8. Big flow volume

    9. Compactable

    10. Easy installation and durable.  

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