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    Temasme is one of the largest Heat Exchanger Manufacturer in INDIA. Our range of products includes Air Cooled Heat Exchanger, Shell Tube Heat Exchanger, Finned Tube Heat Exchanger, Plate Type Heat Exchanger, Air Cooled Condenser, Air Fin Cooler, Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger,Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger, Aluminium Heat Exchanger, Stainless Steel, Copper Heat Exchanger, Air Heat Exchanger, Compact Heat Exchanger, Double Pipe Heat Exchanger, Marine Heat Exchanger, Tubular Heat Exchanger, Water Heat Exchanger, Plate Type Heat Exchanger, Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. Part from manufacturing activities, we under take erection, commissioning and servicing of heat exchangers up to the satisfactory performance of the customers. Our back bone is our fully equipped infrastructure, timely delivery and 24 hours dedication of service network. We are also outfitted with full pledged R and D department and quality control cells with fully experience and qualified engineers. We also under take customized solutions like design, upgradation etc. 

    Shell & Tube Application Oil Coolers, Inter/After Coolers, Gas Coolers, LP/MP/HP Feed Water Heaters, Condensers, Pre-heaters, Vaporizers, Calorifiers, Chillers Etc.
    Fin Type Application Steam Coil Air Pre-heaters, Stator Air Coolers, Nitrogen Coolers, Hydrogen Coolers, Exciter Coolers, Generator Coolers Etc.
    Design Code ASME SEC. VIII Div 1 and 2, TEMA, HEI, API-660, IS-2825, IS-4503
    Design Software Thermal Design (using HTRI),
    Mechanical Design (using PV Elite)
    Types TEMA R/C/B, TEMA type AEL, BEM, BFM, AES, BEU, etc. 
    Heat Transfer Area Upto 1000 sq m
    Shell Diameter Upto 2,000 mm diameter
    Tube Length Upto 12,000 mm long
    Tubesheet Thickness Upto 150 mm
    Hole Diameter Upto 60 mm
    Fin Density Upto 12 FPI
    Fin Height 7 mm to 13 mm
    Tubes Straight, U-Tube, Integrally Finned, Crimped Fin, Wire wound fin
    Inspection Agencies Engineers India Limited, Lloyd’s Register Asia, DNV, BVIS, BHEL, NTPC, TOYO ENGG., TUV, PDIL, JACOB H&G, SGS, UDHE, Foster Wheeler, Tata Projects, Bax-Counsel, DVCL Etc.


    Pressure Vessels

    Temasme manufacturer Vessels, Reactors, Columns, or Storage Tanks up to 14 feet in diameter.

    Designs include solid wall, explosive clad, standard jacket and half pipe jacket. Agitators and drives can be included. Accessories such as baffles, outlet valves or dip tubes can also be supplied. Materials of construction from the stainless steels, duplex and super duplex, high nickel alloys, Hastelloy, titanium, zirconium and tantalum.

    A pressure vessel is a closed container designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure.

    The pressure differential is dangerous and many fatal accidents have occurred in the history of pressure vessel development and operation. Consequently, pressure vessel design, manufacture, and operation are regulated by engineering authorities backed by legislation. For these reasons, the definition of a pressure vessel varies from country to country, but involves parameters such as maximum safe operating pressure and temperature.

    Pressure vessels can theoretically be almost any shape, but shapes made of sections of spheres, cylinders, and cones are usually employed. A common design is a cylinder with end caps called heads. Head shapes are frequently either hemispherical or dished (torispherical). More complicated shapes have historically been much harder to analyze for safe operation and are usually far more difficult to construct.

    Uses and Advantages:

    Pressure vessels are used in a variety of applications in both industry and the private sector. They appear in these sectors as industrial compressed air receivers and domestic hot water storage tanks. Other examples of pressure vessels are diving cylinders, recompression chambers, distillation towers, autoclaves, and many other vessels in mining operations, oil refineries and petrochemical plants, nuclear reactor vessels, submarine and space ship habitats, pneumatic reservoirs, hydraulic reservoirs under pressure, rail vehicle airbrake reservoirs, road vehicle airbrake reservoirs, and storage vessels for liquified gases such as ammonia, chlorine, propane, butane, and LPG.


    Application LPG Vessels, Propane Vessels, Liquid Chlorine Vessels, Liquid Co2 Vessels, H2 Gas Storage Vessels, Ammonia Vessels, Nitrogen Vessels, Air Receivers etc
    Design Code  ASME SEC. VIII Div 1 and 2, IS-2825, API-650, IS 803
    Design Software  Mechanical Design (PV ELITE)
    Shell Diameter  Upto 6,000 mm
    Shell Length  Upto 40,000 mm
    Shell Plate Thickness  Upto 50 mm
    Vessel Weight  Upto 80 tons
    Statutory Approvals  IBR, CCOE, Nagpur
    Inspection Agencies Engineers India Limited, Lloyd’s Register Asia, DNV, BVIS, BHEL, NTPC, TOYO ENGG., TUV, PDIL, JACOB H&G, SGS, UDHE, Foster Wheeler, Tata Projects, Bax-Counsel, DVCL Etc.



    Tube Bundle is the most vulnerable part of any Heat Exchanger. It gets ineffective / damaged due to a variety reasons - scale deposition, corrosion, thermal stress, etc. and has to be replaced at regular intervals, particularly where thin-walled copper or copper alloy tubes are used.

    We manufacture REPLACEMENT TUBE BUNDLES of Heat Exchangers used in Utilities-inter coolers, after coolers, oil coolers for Air / Gas Compressors, DG Sets, Air Dryers, Gas Generators, etc. Production - as quench oil cooler, circulating oil cooler, etc.

    In order to get a perfect retrofit, it is essential make a detailed dimensional sketch of the Tube Bundle before getting it manufactured.

    Heat Recovery Systems

    Backed by rich industry experience and knowledge, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying superior quality Heat Recovery System. Offered product is well known for its reliability, efficiency and durability as they are manufactured using advanced engineering concepts. We can also customize this product in different specifications as per the details provided by the clients.

    Cooling Equipments

    We are committed to offer our clients, a wide range of Cooling Equipment like Inter Coolers / After Coolers, Air cooler, Oil Cooler, Fin Tube Coolers, Chilling Units. We manufacture this range using qualitative and high grade raw-material procured from reliable vendors. Manufactured as par the industry set quality parameters, this range is various cooling applications for providing perfect cooling. To meet the distinctive requirements and demands of our valued customers, we are offering this range in various sizes designs and custom-build models. To ensure the flawlessness, our range is stringently examined before being dispatched in the market. 



    TVIPL are known as one of the leading manufacturer and service provider of a quality range of Process Systems and Equipment and Steam Boilers like oil fired steam boilers, gas fired steam boilers and wood fired steam boilers. Our range of product encompasses of Firing Equipment, Heat Recovery Systems, Fuel Feeding Systems, Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels and Boilers. 

    TVIPL with cutting-edge production facilities and exceptional reliability, has been setting standards and meeting stringent quality requirements both for product innovation and exceptional service.

    Today, we specialist in a diverse range of products including Steam Boilers, Pollution Control Equipments, Industrial Boilers, High Pressure Boilers, Heating Boilers, Hot Water Boilers.

    TVIPL reinforces commitment to our customers by continuing to provide efficient boiler designs with attention to detail and outstanding Technical Support.



    Customised Turnkey Heat Transfer Solutions

    As demand for creative solutions to complex heat transfer applications grows, Temasme has excelled in the design and fabrication of customized skid system solutions. With over decades of industrial experience in the field of Technology, Process Design, Equipment Design, Process equipment Manufacturing, System Integration, Plant Design, Plant Modifications, Automation, Project Management and Process Consultancy.

    Temasme is a professional company offering technology / know how, process engineering solutions & services in the field of Mass Transfer and Heat Transfer to a wide variety of Process Industry with technologies in Distillation, Evaporation, Upstream Oil & Gas, Chemical Process Industry, Environmental, Biodiesel & Extraction. Temasme has full- fledge Manufacturing facility in Noida for various process equipments. From conception, right through design, fabrication, delivery and installation, Temasme is capable of executing all the requirements in above mentioned areas on Turnkey basis under single roof.

    The range of our manufactured products includes Distillation Column, Reboiler, Condensers, Kettles, column internals , Distillation Systems, Static Mixer, Heat Exchangers, Evaporator, Reactors, Dispersers.

    We have catered our Product and Services to customers from various domain like Chemical Industries, Food Technology, Pharmaceutical Industries, Alcohol Technology, Ethanol Derivatives, Aromatic, Bio-diesel, Dyes & Intermediates, Oil & Gas.

    Design & Engineering

    Plant / System design is normally divided into two main steps, a process design followed by a mechanical design. The purpose of the process design is to calculate the process volumes, sizing of equipments, number of required theoretical stages, column diameter and tower height. On the other hand, the mechanical design focuses on the thickness selection based on process requirements. In mechanical design, process flow diagram, piping & instrumentation diagram, specifications of equipment, detailed engineering design of columns, column internals, condenser, reboiler and other accessories along with operating instruction manual are prepared for the design package. Our reputation is built on our engineering capabilities. Whether basic engineering, or a detailed engineering package, in each case you will receive the technology and expertise for the entire plant from one company. Mass and energy balance calculations are prepared using the latest computer simulation programs, providing detailed analyses for different plant alternatives and thermally linked configurations.


    • Highly experienced staff with diverse expertise to design and build to unique specifications 
    • Single Source Responsibility
    • Simplification of installations with common headers and utility connections
    • Turnkey Operation


    Our team of engineers, technicians, and project managers can help you choose all the best equipment for your specific application. We will then engineer and build a complete skidded system, ready to ship, saving you time and money. Some custom engineered system solutions include:

    Chemical Process Technology

    Process Equipment

    • Oil & Gas Process Technology
    • Environmental Technology
    • Mass Transfer Technology
    • Evaporation Technology
    • Hot Oil Heating Systems
    • Steam Humidifications
    • Heating Boiler Packages
    • Temperature Control Units
    • Pump Skids
    • Hot Water Generator Skids
    • Packaged Steam or Hot Water Generating Skids
    • Electric Boiler Skids
    • Virtually any packaged system that involves heat transfer solutions
    HP Feed Water Heater

    H.P. (High pressure) heater is installed after Boiler feed pump and it heats the feed water by exchanging heat with the steam that is extracted from the H.P. Turbine from different stages at different pressure.

    Temasme is capable of supplying HP feedwater heaters complete of thermal and mechanical design, manufacturing, site erection, commissioning and start-up.


    Design features ensure high reliability and availability associated with long term life and low maintenance.

    • Independent desuperheating zone closures.
    • Baffle configuration and spacing based on conservative mass  and linear velocity criteria.
    • Fully enclosed self-venting drains sub-cooling zone.
    • Liberal sub-cooling zone entrance areas to permit low approach velocities which prevent flashing of saturated drains.
    • Internal, centrally located venting arrangement to provide means of continuously venting condensing zone.
    • Channel cover configurations for all nozzle layouts.
    • Stainless steel impingement  plates.
    • Fully automated tube-to –tubesheet welding procedures both for channel ride and shell ride.
    • Finite element stress and vibration analysis for all operating conditions.
    • Analysis of a single heater and of a feedwater stream behaviour in all operating conditions.

    TVIPL offering best Solutions in the field of Compressed Air Filtration Systems and purification (drying) system. The main driving force behind for steady growth of the company is its dedicated team of qualified & well experienced engineers.

    Our product manufacturing range :

    • Air Dryers
    • Refrigeration Dryers
    • Compressed Air Dryers
    • Compressed Air Drying Unit With Fine Filter Combination
    • Heaters Air Dryers
    • Heaters Air Drying Unit With Fine Filters
    • Gas Dryers
    • Heatless Air Dryer
    • Refrigerated Air Drying Unit
    • Mini Dryer
    Traveling Water Screens

    Traveling water screens are designed to remove trash, sticks, and other debris from surface water sources such as rivers and lakes before entering a drinking water treatment plant.  Power plants also use a very large amount of surface water for cooling, and are required to protect the lives of fish by using special fish screens.

    Traveling water screens take many forms—from simple to more sophisticated automated screens that have self cleaning features. Some are designed as coarse screens for removal of large floating debris like sticks, trash and plastic; fine screens are capable of removing finer suspended materials.  Some screens are configured to safely prevent fish from entering water intake systems.

    Temasme offers a variety of raw water intake screens to meet every application, including drinking water plants, power plants, paper mills, and cooling and boiler feed water systems. 


    Air Intake Valve

    Sr. No.

    Name  of  the

    Name of the Spares


    Clinker Grinder

    1-Drive sprocket,2-Driven
    Flange bearing housing, roller


    Ash intake valve

    1-Bush bearing,2-Disc,3-Dise
    Linner,4-M S Bracket,5-


    Header Valve

    1-Casing,2-slide plate,3-Back
    Up ring,4-Seat,5-back up


    Double disc valve

    Cylinder,5-Bonet,6-Disc drive


    Vacuum Breaker

    1-Upper seat,2-Lower seat,3-


    Air Intake valve



    Feed gate

    1-Roller,2-Gate wear linner,3-
    Bush,4-Clamping Flat,5-
    Cylinder block,6-Nozzel
    7-Nozzel holder


    Rotary Feeder

    Bearing,4-Adjustable tip,5-


    Rotary Unloader

    1-Nozzle,2-header pipe,3-
    Drive sprocket,4-Scrapper

    Travelling Water Screen Spares



    1-Nozzle,2-Spray header
    Pipe,3-Drive sprocket,4-Mesh
    5-Link plates,6-roller,7-pin,8-

    • Filters
    Chilling Units

    Our firm holds massive expertise in manufacturing and supplying a wide array of Chilling Unit / Cooling Unit. These cooling units are manufactured using superior grade components that are sourced from authentic market vendors, so as to ensure flawless production. Moreover, these cooling units are appreciated in the industry for their low maintenance, easy installation, low power consumption and longer functional life. 

    Liquid Heat Exchangers

    We manufacture Liquid Heat Exchanger, a high precision heat exchangers that are used to transfer heat from one medium to another. These heat exchangers are highly efficient in recovery of heat without an accompanying phase change. Be it fluids, gases, steam or vapors, these heat exchangers are effective in carrying out the heat recovery. 

    U Tube Bundle
    Category: Tube Bundles

    We also undertake the complete manufacture & supply of Tube Bundles / Tube Nests / U Tube Bundles only for existing heat exchangers. Temasme is a major & critical point to be taken care off during the manufacture of the same, as the Tube Bundle is to be manufactured considering the tolerance of the existing heat Exchangers & not Code Tolerance.


    Shell Cooler

    In Process Gas and Shell Coolers offered by us gas passes through tubes, the cooling length of which is subdivided into different sections. The important sections include a hot or inlet section, a medium temperature or intermediate section, and a cool discharge section. These sections carry out different process enabling the gas to cool the system fro which it is used.

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